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    2.0 movie | Rajinikanth | Akshay Kumar | Shankar | Amy Jackson | A.R Rahman

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    Lead role Rajinikanth , Akshay Kumar
    Director S. Shankar
    Producer Allirajah Subaskaran
    Production Lyca Productions
    Composer A. R. Rahman
    Storyline Science fiction

    2.0 movie teaser 

    2.0 teaser leaked in the morning, but the leaked teaser is not a real teaser. But, From the 2.0 teaser easily pick up the storyline.

    Shankar and Rajinikanth combination always unique style comparing with other Director combination. In 2.0 teaser Kooo Ko voice modulation of Rajinikanth is extraordinary.

    Shankar basic idea about 2.0 movie, Villain Akshay Kumar intro scene through the phone is looking fabulous. In teaser AR Rahman music not easy to get. Editor Anthony graphical editing style each scene looks like the real incident. But particular eagle scene graphic easily visualized.

    Chitti the Robot intro scene maybe after 30 minutes of the first part of 2.0 movie. In between movie, Chitti the Robot maybe upgrade his version with the help of Dr. Vaseegaran. Amy Jackson role in teaser not so visible.

    Cinematography Nirav Shah has done the best work in 2.0 movie teaser, He already worked in Dhoom Dhoom 2 and so on.

    2.0 movie releasing date not yet announced. because CG works are pending, So shortly 2.0 movie releasing date announced by 2.0 movie team.

    2.0 movie teaser review

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