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    Theater owners trying to break Tamil cinema strike rules | Nayanthara

    Nayanthara next movie Vasuki movie ready for release coming March 29. Vasuki team is overcome producer council strike rules.

    Last 1-month Tamil cinema strike is happening. Special permission issue recently closed. Now, Nayanthara upcoming movie Vasuki team create another problem.
    Nayanthara overcome Tamil cinema strike rules !!  |  Theater owner's

    Vasuki movie release date

    Some theater owner's announced offers, If any movie release during strike time. Theater owners will plan to give a special offering to that particular movie team. Vasuki movie will plan to release on March 29, during the strike time.

    Producer council trying to talk with Vasuki team and Nayanthara.

    If Vasuki movie may release on March 29, then Tamil cinema strike becomes the useless strike. Let's see what happen.

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