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    Asuravadham Trailer | Sasikumar Tharu Maru | Seven Screen Studio

    Movie Teaser Movie Trailer Movie Review
    Movie Asuravadham
    Lead role M Sasikumar
    Director M Maruthupandian
    Producer L.K Leena
    Production Seven Screen Studio
    Composer Govind Menon
    Storyline Thriller

    Asuravadham Trailer 

    Asuravadham trailer was released on 15 March 2018. Actor M Sasikumar shows a energetic acting in this movie. 

    In Asuravadham trailer clearly explain this movie story. The Asuravadham movie story fully bases a revenge. Sasikumar may do little different acting from his previous movie acting.

    Director Maruthupandian script is fully action sequence. But, The way of the movie screenplay is excellent. In the trailer, Each scenes acting will definitely an impress. SR Kathir works have done major part of this movie, and Background music easily merges with each scene. So, Govind Menon another highlighting part in this movie.

    Asuravadham teaser not satisfied but Trailer Tharu Maru. Asuravadham movie expecting to release in April.

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