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    Prabhu Deva in Lakshmi movie teaser released, and Next ABCD movie.

    Lakshmi movie | Prabhu Deva

    Prabhu Deva in Lakshmi movie teaser released, and Next ABCD movie. 

    Lakshmi movie teaser released at 6 pm. Duration of Lakshmi movie teaser is 1 minute 8 seconds. Already we told about Lakshmi movie, Story basic concept is dance. The teaser proved it. 
    Lakshmi movie  Prabhu Deva
    After ABCD, ABCD 2 movies, Lakshmi movie story concept may be same as ABCD. But Director A.L. Vijay trying a different way. In Lakshmi movie Prabhu Deva appearing as a dance teacher for cute children's.

    Director Vijay focuses to show only Prabhu Deva and Ditya Bhande in the teaser. Other's character's not shown in the teaser. 

    Sam C S music merge with Prabhu Deva dance steps are fabulous too see.

    Ditya Bhande act as child lead role, she already participated in Super dance reality dance show on 2016. Now Ditya Bhande did first time with Prabhu Deva master. Prabhu Deva and Ditya Bhande dancing scene in teaser fabulous.

    Director Vijay easily told movie storyline to the audience in Lakshmi teaser. Lakshmi movie ready to release on this summer. The accurate date will shortly announce.

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