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    Nakul next movie Sei trailer was released, and Sei movie preview.

    Nakul | Sei | Ambulance

    Actor Nakul next movie Sei trailer was released, Sei is an upcoming thriller movie. Actor Nakul previous movie Brahma.com got an average response from the people. Sei movie may get a good response from the audience.

    Nakul in Sei movie trailer, and Sei movie preview.
    In Sei movie, Actor Nakul character as want act in Tamil cinema as a hero. his name as Saravedi Saravanan. Aanchal Munjal acts as a pair of Nakul. Sei movie is first Tamil movie in her cinema career. She was started her lead role in the movie  We Are Family.

    Trippy Turtle Productions produces. Sei movie team planning to release a movie in October 2018. Prakash Raj and Nassar acting as an important role. 

    Maybe the ambulance is the second actor in this Sei movie, Because in a trailer so many scenes supporting characters to target Ambulance. So, Inside the Ambulance has valuable things. 

    Two main reason highlight in this movie trailer. Director Raj Babu put some twist and secret in this Sei movie trailer. This kind of trailer to easily increases the audience expectation.

    The Storyline maybe, unfortunately, Nakul trapped inside the problem through Ambulance. Two teams try to trace the Nakul. For reason, inside ambulance have something valuable one. Finally, Nakul finds the solution and resolve it.

    Sei movie will release on October 18, 2018. Let's see what happen.

    Sei movie trailer

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