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    Kamal Haasan begin political journey, and People will judge who will next chief minister in Tamilnadu

    Kamal Haasan political goal 

    Actor Kamal Haasan starts his political journey from today. 
    Kamal Haasan begin political journey

    Why Kamal Haasan entered into political? If Tamilnadu People can love him?

    My Answer is Yes, Actor Kamal Haasan political entry initial stage did not get high support from Tamilnadu people's, comparing with Rajinikanth political entry. But Actor and Politician got people supports. How was it possible?

    Actor Kamal Haasan behavior is humble and calm. He visits all other political leader and invite his launching function and shared his political target. This humble behavior easily impressed Tamilnadu People's.
    Kamal Haasan begin political journey

    This one week of time, Kamal Haasan visited Actor Rajinikanth, Stalin, Seeman, and farmer leader. Today morning he visited Former President APJ Abdul Kalam's house in Rameshwaram and he was got a blessing from APJ Abdul Kalam brother. After that, Kamal Haasan is ready for a public meeting in the places Ramanathapuram, Manamadurai, and Paramakudi.
    Kamal Haasan begin political journey
    Actor Kamal Haasan main political target, To share his political task to Tamilnadu people. Four solid years available, For Kamal Haasan will enlarging his political circle.

    During upcoming Tamilnadu election, Will be highly challenging. This coming four year will judge who will next chief minister in Tamilnadu.

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