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    Indian 2 | Kamal Hasan | Nayanthara | Shankar | First time with Kamal Hasan | Current Political Problem |

    Indian 2 Kamal Hasan with Nayanthara

    After a long break, Shankar and Kamal Hasan join once again and They are ready for making Blockbuster hit movie.
    Indian 2 Kamal Hasan, Nayanthara , Shankar and AR Rahuman

    Indian 2 movie will be directing Shankar already this information announce by Kamal Hasan and Shanker in Big Boss location.

    Lyca productions planning to produce Indian 2 movie, For the first time Nayanthara join with Kamal Hasan in Indian2 movie.

    After 2.0 movie CG - editing work, Shankar will
    start the movie Indian 2 with Kamal Hasan. Now, Throughout the world 2.0 movie huge expectation in audience circle. 

    Indian 2 movie will create huge expectations from the audience, Because already Indian 1 movie was a blockbuster hit movie in Tamil cinema.

    Indian 2 story based on current political problems. the remaining cast in the movie will shortly announce by Indian 2 team,

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