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    Actress Tamannaah beauty secret | Rashi Chowdhary | Eat clean

    Tamannaah beauty secret 

    The secret of  Actress Tamannaah beauty, Only Rashi Chowdhary know. Rashi Chowdhary is a Nutritionist. She always guides to Tamannah food habit. Tamannah always exposing her food habits to her fans through the social network. Tamannah recently says about her secret diet,  Say No to junk foods and Say yes to only natural foods.

    Tamannaah personal nutrition expert Rashi Chowdhary always recommends to her, When you go out, You must keep nuts and fruits in your hand. 

    Sauce with vegetables, Rashi Chowdhary to add some perfect fats through vegetables, It useful for skin brightness and Skin fresh. Smoothie also suggests from Rashi Chowdhary for health too Tamannaah. and During long time shooting, Tamannaah takes cashew for her health recommends by Rashi Chowdhary. 

    Now, You may be realizing the secret of Tamannah beauty.

    Tamannaah beauty secret

    Tamannaah beauty secret

    Tamannaah beauty secret

    Tamannaah beauty secret

     Rashi Chowdhary

    Rashi Chowdhary has done 5 years degree course in human nutrition and She certified diabetic educator. Now, She works as a personal nutrition expert for top cinema actress.

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