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    Madura Veeran | Movie Review | Jallikattu | 2 hours movie | Jallikattu special

    Madura Veeran | Jallikattu

    This was the second movie of Shanmuga Pandian. Madura Veeran movie one of the action movie in Tamil Cinema. Directed by P. G. Muthiah, and Viji Subramanian produced this movie.
    Madura Veeran Movie review

    Director P. G. Muthiah
    Editor Praveen
    Producer Viji Subramanian
    Music Santhosh Dhayanidhi
    Shanmuga Pandian
    Bala Saravanan
    Vela Ramamoorthy
    Mime Gopi
    G. Marimuthu
    Running Time   :  2 hours 1 minute

    Madura Veeran Pakka village base story.

    One line story:

    Two reasons - Misunderstanding - 20 years fight- They Realized.

    Short and Sweet:

    Shanmuga Pandian name in the movies is Durai,
    He returns from Malaysia after 20 years. For the reason, Durai wants to fulfill his father dream, and he likes to marry a girl from his hometown.

    Story :

    Already told our movie preview of Madura Veeran movie.It became true. Madura Veeran movie fully based on Jallikattu.

    Durai returns from Malaysia after 20 years for two reasons. One reason for his father dream and another reason for like to Marry hometown girl.

    In the trailer, Samuthurakani  (Rathnavelu)  looks to play another lead role like Villan. But In the movie Samuthurakani act as Father of Durai.

    (Shanmuga Pandian). Samuthirakani dream to conduct Jallikattu with neighboring five villages. but it didn't happen. Samuthirakani sacrifices his life before his dream fulfilled. So Durai wants to fulfill his father dream.

    Vela Ramamoorthy (Guru Murthy), Mime Gopi(Malai Samy) and P. L. Thenappan, They acting was fabulous, But in Madura Veeran movie they character as Misunderstanding and 20 years fight. End of the movie, merge the relationship.

    Bala Saravanan acts as Durai friend, Usual friendship roles.

    Meenakshi with Shanmuga Pandian love scenes was fabulous.

    In Second half, Actor Vijay and Captain Vijayakanth's speeches will appear on the screen.

    Actor Vijay speech about Jallikattu issue

    Santhosh Dhayanidhi music easily joining all the scenes without any drawback. P. G. Muthiah cinematography was good, already he worked in Tamil movies like Settai.

    Praveen K. L. editing power audience will see in fight scenes.

    Movie Highlight 

    Suitable Cast

    Cinematography and Music

    Audience easily learns about Jallikattu special.

    Actor Vijay and Captain Vijayakanth's speeches

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