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    Savarakathi movie review | Emotional | Arrol Corelli music |Mysskin Storyline

    Savarakathi | Emotional

    Congratulation to Savarakathi team, Director G. R. Adithya directing style was meticulous. If anyone will planning produce a low budget movie, You must one-time see this Savarakathi movie.
    Savarakathi movie

    Ram and Mysskin worked on next level and fabulous acting.

    Savarakathi movieIf any top actor not possible for this type emotional and beyond act in Savarakathi. Ram and Mysskin did it.

    Ram and Mysskin cant hesitated about their character in Savarakathi, They put full effort what they need that particular character.

    Poorna acts as a challenging character in
    Savarakathi movie
    Savarakathi. In Poorna cinema career Savarakathi movie turning point.

    Arrol Corelli music makes audience emotional cry some scenes. In the last song, each heartful audience definitely made emotional cry.

    Savarakathi movieThe storyline for this Savarakathi strong in each scene. Mysskin story accurately executes on screen. Director G. R. Adithya followed the Mysskin instruction. Director and Writer interlinked with each other, So that time fulfills audience heart. 

    Director G. R. Adithya sees his movie Savarakathi audience response.

    Cinematography Karthik Venkatraman and Edited Sathees Kumar done their work perfectly in Savarakathi.

    Finally, Savarakathi movie full of sentiment, and told to the audience using one strong message.

    Each young director must see one-time Savarakathi movie before starting cinema career.


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