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    Rajini Political

     Rajini enters into political, Other political leader fear of Rajini entry, Because of the power of Rajini fans.Last 10 year fans are waiting for his; political entry, 31/12/2017 Rajini was declared his political entry.

    Now he opened some social media network and twitter page for direct connect with people', No other political leader unable do this activity, So Rajini proved his political dedication.
    This link for the register in Rajini makkal mandram, it's for updates news and connect with People.

    Rajini Political

    Kamal also declared entered into politics in Oct,
    but Rajini entry only was talked over all world. #Rajini Political like this twitter name hash become a trend in twitter and It stands on first place.

    TTV won Rk election, shocked by another political team, Rajini and Kamal entry, it gives more shocked to that leaders.

    Upcoming Tamilnadu election is will be more interest to the watcher, Because the two cinema legend is in politics.

    People opinion about Rajini and Kamal political entry, Don't merge with another election team, stand individual team.

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