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    Village style Halwa type for Festival. | Chillout

    Special  Halwa types famous in Village


    In City people only eat fast food pizza bread like that, Nobody knows about village style (snacks recipe) food.  People not gave important to eat food because of Digital life. 

    During Festival,People sharing their sweet with relatives and neighbour house, it is festival procedure

    In village people sharing their  homemade - sweets with friend / Family, During festival time.

    But in City side, Majority of people purchase sweet on store during festival or birthday celebration etc. At the same time, Your neighbor house also purchases the sweet on same store. What is the different between you and them? This not a Procedure to the celebrities festival.

    No Purchase Only Prepare

    That time you think different,Why purchase sweet on the store, Try sweet in your own kitchen. The result may be good or bad. 

    Grapes Halwa

    Ingredient : 

    Grapes – 500 grams
    Corn Flour – 100 grams
    Sugar – 500 grams
    Ghee – 200 grams
    Cashew nut – 10
    Elka – 1 teaspoon
    Milk – 2 teaspoon

    Method : 

    Grapes soak in water in the previous night, during the time of preparation, grind the grape in to paste.

    Corn flour mixed with water and milk

    Take a Utensil, fry cashew nut, Elka with ghee turn into brown.

    After that add ground grape, corn flour, and sugar, stir continuously into the form of a thickness.

    Add Milk at a time to the last stage.

    Your Grape Halwa is ready to taste.

    Mango Halwa


    Manga - 2
    Milk - 3 cup
    Sugar – 1 cup
    Elka – 50 grams
    Ghee –  2 teaspoon

    Method : 

    Take mango,Remove the skin and make into paste

    Take a Utensil, Add Ghee Elka with mango paste.

    After that, In low flame add sugar and milk mixed well on Utensil.

    At last, Cut into small piece

    Your Mango Halwa is ready.

    Padam Halwa


    Padam – 1 cup
    Milk - ½ cup
    Sugar – 1 cup
    Ghee- ¼ cup
    Saffron – 1 teaspoon

    Method :

    First, Heat the Padam on hot water due to removing outer skin.

    Grind Skin less Padam with ½ cup milk and Saffron

    Mixed sugar with heat water to dissolve.

    Take Utensil,stir continuously into the form of a thickness

    Add Padam  paste with sugar water, in warm heat

    At last add required amount of ghee to halwa.

    Your halwa is ready to taste

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