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    Top Three Facepack ,To prevent from Pimbles, Sun light and Oil Skin | Chillout

    Face beauty

    Women’s follow some procedure to maintain her face beauty, its must because face gives the best impression to others.we follow some tips to maintain our face beauty.

    1.Prevent your skin from Sun Light (Apply Turmeric Mask), its avoid skin become darker.


    Mix Pinch of turmeric powder with 1-teaspoon of almond powder and 1-teaspoon of Milk, Before applying your face, keep your face wash with cooled water.After you apply the Turmeric Mask on your face.Leave it for 15 minutes.

    After 15 minutes, wash your face using lukewarm water, Don’t forget to apply sun moisturizer.

    Apply this Face pack weekly twice.

       2.Sometimes our face looks like oily face its decrease our face beauty, we must prevent from oil (Lemon Face Mask) its avoid skin become Oil


    Mix 3-teaspoon of lemon with 2-teaspoon of yogurt, after that you using face brush apply your face after 15 mins wash your face using lukewarm water.Apply Oil-free moisturizer

    Apply this face pack weekly once

       3.If your hand not clean it possible to make pimples on the face so keep hand clean.Prevent pimples (HA: Honey Aspirin Mask)


    Mix 2-teaspoon honey with 3 teaspoons aspirins and 5 drop water its form a paste, apply your pimples area,

    Apply this face pack before sleep

    Now wash your face using warm water.

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