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    Third party user,Can hack your blog information using free templates.So how to prevent in you blog and to remove footer company link.

    Free template appear footer area with 3rd party company name, If you directly removing the footer area code in theme edit, It making an error, that time your blog can't visible.If you refresh your blog it goes to their blog.

    From free template to original template changing trick

    If you using blog with 3rd party footer link,Your information easily hacked by 3rd party,

    How to 3rd party hack your blog information?

    They can hack into your free template footer area 3rd party text link If you directly erase your blog disappear ...Here trick to convert original template and secure from a 3rd party.

    Step 1:

    Login your Blog and Select Theme Option.

     Step 2:

    Select Edit HTML Option.

     Step 3:

    Search the code in your blog theme - html layout,

    The code looking like the below image, it should be removed from top to bottom.

    Majority,This code occur at last 

     Step 4:

    After that,You Press Control + F, For opening search box in HTML layout.

    Search footer area text/word.

     Example: "Created by", So you search that word using search box

     Step 5:

    Edit the text,What word you like to display in you blog footer.

    After Change text/word

    Step 6:

    Click save theme button after you complete you edit.

    And Refresh your home page,Now see the Result.

    You can change like this model

     Or you can change like this model 

    This type looks like professional.I would recommend this one.

     Now your blog is secure, and third-party user can't access your information.

    At the same time nobody can identify your blog template is a free template.

    How to Upload Free Template,Tips

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