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    Paamban | Snake revenge | Sarathkumar | Tamil Cinema | Movie Shooting Begins | First Look Poster

    Paamban | Snake revenge

    First-time Sarathkumar acts a different kind of movie in his cinema career, The movie is Paamban. Paambam movie is directing Venkateshan, and  SSK Production produces Paambam movie. 
    Paamban Sarathkumar

    Paambam movie first look poster was released on 31/01/2018.
    In Paambam, Sarath Kumar look and acting may be different in his previous movies. First look

    Paamban Sarathkumar
    the poster tells this Paambam movie just like revenge type movies. The audience may be impressing  Sarath Kumar acting.  In this movie, Sarath Kumar role may be Empire of Snake Kingdom. Let's see. 

    Today the Paambam movie shooting starts and
    Paamban Sarathkumar
    Song recording by Srikanth Deva.

    This year expecting this movie on Big Screen.

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