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    "Courtallam" : Top three reason to spend Summer Holiday

    Top place tourist in Courtallam

    Courtallam, Spend your holiday in courtallam because that's makes us attached to natural. In courtallam, To spend your valuable times is the best spot in summer.

    Old Courtallam falls

    Old Courtallam falls

    Main falls

    main falls

    Five falls

    five falls

    Tiger Falls

    Boat Houses

    Eco Park

    This place most popular in courtallam Must spend two days in courtallam that you love natural beauty.Each falls located to travel in between 10-15 mins.Here you must eat famous fruits
     and Chilli Bajji.Senkottai porata is famous food list around courtallam area.Monkey activity in courtallam is high level, monkey atrocity is too much but it will  looks like a baby playing, you can play with monkeys.

    Famous Fruit:
     (Paneer Nellikkai.Rambutan ,Mango ,Mangosteen,Star fruits)


    Enjoy your holiday with courtallam,it best for Family Trip

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