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    Are you suffer from hair problem!!! Take Natural solution | Chillout

    Hair Problem

    Hair tips

    Why are people maintaining their Hair carefully?

    Young people also look like old people, Without hair or Hair Damage.Recently, Hair Plant is more famous for all.Hair acting major role in face beauty, without hair, We will fall into depression.

    Why hair loss happen?

    Hair tips

    Men's Hair loss starts from 15 - 30 between age, Women hair loss start from 10 to 40  between age,During baby feeding time women suffer lot of hair loss, There's nothing to panic about hair damage, There are several home remedies that would bail you out of this summer hair problem. 

    Must we avoid hair plant??? keep supporting natural growth!!!, Nothing is impossible

    Hair Loss - Hair Damage:

    Hair tips

    Paralyze spinach grinding well, apply your hair and try it monthly five times, It prevents your hair loss.Hair grows very dark black color.

    Always keep your hair clean. This will prevent dandruff, this is the main reason for hair loss.

    Lemon juice with Gooseberry mixed well and the paste apply in your hair weekly two times try it, It used to hair growth

    Coriander with onion, Grinding into paste and Apply in your hair weekly once, It used to prevent hair damage

    Dates and Amla oil are used in daily life, It protects from hair damage

    Vitamin E foods are useful for hair damage. Include following method in your routine life, You feel different.

    Monday: Sunflower Seeds, Avocado
    Tuesday: Peanut Butter, Almonds
    Wednesday: Hazelnuts, Peanuts
    Thursday: Vegetable Oils, Spinach
    Friday: Shrimp, Bell Peppers
    Saturday: Paprika, Kiwi
    Sunday: Dried Basil, Pumpkin Seeds

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