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    Tips for avoiding problems day to day life | Chillout

    Tips for avoiding problems day to day life


    Your life, so you only decide your life happiness  (From 6 am to 10 pm)

    1.      Wake up from the bed and eat hot milk, Because milk makes us fresh in the early morning.

    2.      Do the simple exercise for your body, your body keeps flexible in a whole day.

    3.      Have your favorite food in the morning, at the same time keep low-fat content food.Because oil contains (30 - 45 %) fat. It decreases our body energy.Be careful in your morning food

    4.      Dress code must be trendy from top to bottom

    For Example: 
                      If you wear Black Shirt, your shoe must be in black color

    5.      It looks pretty. At the same time, it will get you motivating

    6.      Say "Good morning", In your office staffs or any other daily visiting person.It improves your personality

    7.      If you fastened on your work, your job will be flexible and easy.  If you work under pressure, just leave that place and spend 5 - 10 mins your favorite activity. That activity makes you fresh. Now you will interest in your work

    8.      Afternoon lunch share with your friends or workers. It makes good relationships forever and somewhere its helpful to you

    9.      Say "Goodbye", If you leave from place/conversation. Because next meet will convenient for you

    10.  During Travel, Don't think any Problematic matter's and kept your mobile silent mode.

    11.  If reach your home Say "Good Evening" to your family members and Spend time with your family members.

    12.  Take a limited amount of food at night dinner and before sleep drink some milk, Good for health.

    13.      Before sleep, Say"Good night" to your family/friends and hear some melody songs, it gives you peaceful dream.

    Just try 1 week, you understand how your life will be change

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