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    Cancer is near risk of sleeping near cell phone

    DNA damage

    1.     Californian health researchers say that sleeping near the cell phone is likely to cause cancer.

    2.     Many young adults have a habit of keeping their cell phone close to sleeping.

    3.     After the alarms and the overwhelming use of social networks at night, sleeping near the cell phone is likely to cause many harmful effects.

    4.     The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reports that cancer is likely to cause cancer due to some kind of radio waves released from cell phone towers.

    5.     Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and State Public Health, said that science should be able to keep the cell phone close to the night and keep it safe from protecting us from such radiation.

    6.     Most of the patients with tumors in the brain have said that they have more than ten years of cell phone keeping their sleep habits.

    Can Cellphones Become  Cancer

    One of the biggest misconceptions about radiation from cell phones is that it can not damage the DNA. Wrong! There are many studies that connect cell phone radiation to various types of DNA damage.

    In one of the major studies conducted by Professor Loyal at the University of Washington in the mid-1990s, RF radiation exposure is DNA. Subsequent studies have identified single and double DNA gaps. Doctor Lai does not investigate if cell phones can cause cancer. He was watching the microwave microwave radiation effect on mice - the same type of radiation exposed by cell phones.

    Then there are studies of microorganisms. Brazilian research has found that increased rates of microorganisms in the body have increased due to radio frequency (RF) radiation exposure. "This leads to an increase in the urethrocytes in pregnancy during pregnancy, because it is important because the antibiotics are important and can cause severe DNA damage with cancer.

    Hundreds of studies carried out by this question, there is no doubt that the cellphone radiation can change the genetic material of your cells. This is significant because it is believed that cancer and other illnesses will grow if a cell DNA is damaged.

    Cell phone radiation protection tips

    The best method of protection from cellphone radiation is the complete avoidance. If you are willing to accept that your cellphone can cause cancer, it is not prepared to prepare ... Your best bet involves these precautions in your daily precautions:

    1.     Ability to reduce cell phone calls completely

    2.     Avoid calling or receiving calls in the worst receptions

    3.     Keep your phone in flight mode when you do not use its wireless functions

    4.     Avoid avoiding any where on your cell phone or in your body on your cell phone

    5.     Use the earphone and preferably use an airborne headset, so your cellphone is not necessary to keep your head closer (Note: Do not use a Bluetooth headset, which radiation reveals)

    6.     Do not take your cell phone into your bedroom at night. If you need it, keep it in flight mode as far as possible from your head

    7.     Please choose the text instead of the call as much as possible

    8.       If a longer conversation happens, call person directly or call a land area

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