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    10 Tricks to Success in our daily life | Chillout

    10 Tricks to Success – world in your hand

    1.    You must love  the person who hating

    2.    You must give respect to your failure, the First step to becoming a successful man.

    3.    When you push into pressure must say this slogan

    “I’m not Zero,

    Right now I’m Hero

    You get motivating

    4.    Don’t be hesitated to learn simple things, because it should be the initial step to success.

    5.    Think Positive Thought only, Ignore negative voice also

    6.    Don't try  hard work, just try Smart work for your success

    7.    You must trust your strength, Don't Trust God

    8.    Don't follow any role model, because you can sign more than all, trust yourself

    9.    Don't Compare with others

    10.Do your favorite job,  put your smart work, lead the world

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